Mo Davidson, of Surrey, B.C., is currently restoring the former Kaiser top fuel dragster. His aim is to debut it at the Richmond Sockeye Run Car Show on June 11th. Mo restored the Miss British Columbia drag boat last year and it was a big hit with the public, that came to the Steveston Sockeye Run Car Show.

The Kaiser car was originally built for the Ramcharger Racing Team by Woody Gilmore, in 1968. The red and white striped car won a great many races in the top fuel category. The Kaiser family bought the car in 1986, Pete Kaiser maintaining the engine and tuning. Young Fritz Kaiser, then 16 years old, doing the driving.

The Kaiser car was the class of the field at Goodguys Nostalgia Racing, setting multiple records at several tracks with a speed of 243 mph and 6.22 seconds in the quarter mile. It has a Keith Black 492 cu. In. nitro burning hemi motor. The Goodguys outlawed the motor as Kaiser was simply unbeatable. To this day there are no 426 design hemi’s in top fuel nostalgia racing. If you “can’t beat them, change the rules”. It didn’t help, Pete switched to a Chevy and continued his winning ways.

The family owned the car for fifteen years before selling it to Mo Davidson. Mo asked Pete to put in a hemi engine before he took possession. Mo and the Kaiser family remain great friends, and when Mo signed on to campaign the front engined dragster, at Mission and Ashcroft, B.C. racetracks, the entire Kaiser family stepped up and came to Canada to help run the car. The Kaisers are from Pleasant Hills, Ca. (near San Francisco). At Ashcroft the Kaiser car was the first top fuel car to complete the quarter mile at 235 mph.

Mo retired the car, and the dragster has been sitting and waiting to see the sun again. It has been restored and will make its first public appearance in ten years at the Sockeye Run Car Show in Richmond.

After the appearance on June 11th, the car will be travelling throughout the summer in the USA Pacific Northwest. It is entered in the NHRA Annual Reunion drag races at Bakersfield, California in November. Pete Kaiser’s grandson Hans, who will be sixteen will be driving the car when it is entered into the annual “Cackle Fest” exhibition. The third generation of Kaisers!